Here before you lie the rules of engagement. Take note of these, as these may determine your very life out here on the battlefield;
The First Comic will be made by the Battle Coordinator (One of the three judges). Most of this page will be introducing the arena (Which you will be able to access via the Resources Page). This should be very important - using the arena in clever or inventive ways is much more likely to get the judges to view you highly. At the very end of the page, the two competitors will be introduced - note which order they are intro'd in, the first person to be mentioned will be 'Competitor A'.
The Second Comic will be made by Competitor A (As stated above, the first of the two competitors to be mentioned in The First Comic). They have exactly one week after The First Page is released before they run out of time and are disqualified. All pages have a one-week at most limit in combat - if there are any problems with this limit, please contact a member of Skeluso BEFORE your time runs out, and we may be able to organise an extension. This particular page will initiate the combat itself, starting the fight between the two competitors.
The Third Comic will be made by Competitor B (Identifiable as the competitor who is not in fact Competitor A). Yet again, as all pages below, 1 week limit unless negotiated before said limit is up. This will continue on from the second comic - development of previous events and ideas may help in terms of judgement.
The Fourth Comic will be made by Competitor A, continuing on from The Third Comic.
The Fifth Comic will be made by Competitor B, continuing the battle.
The Sixth Comic will be made by Competitor A, continuing the battle. This will be the last page by Competitor A in this fight, and thus, the last chance for them to impress the judges before their judgement.
The Seventh Comic will be made by Competitor B, continuing the battle. This, as the previous page was the last page by Competitor A, will be Competitor Bs last page. This page however, MUST NOT end the battle, leaving the battle open to continue as normal.
The Eigth Comic will be made by the Battle Coordinator. Prior to this comic, the Judges will discuss who they feel deserves to win the battle, taking into account quality of writing, fairness shown by author in combat, and multiple other factors. Once the Winning Competitor has been agreed and debated upon, this page will be made, continuing the battle to its climax, and thus allowing the competitors to see who has won.
After the battle, the Winning Competitor will move on to the next round. Whilst the loser has no chance of progression in the tournament, they will be allowed to continue making outside-of-battle comics if they so wish (though they may need to take advantage of our cloning facilities first).

Here are the current tournament standings. Though they show who is currently in or out of the tournament, they DO NOT show the exact bracket of who is fighting who. You will only discover who you are fighting in The First Comic of your battle. Good luck.

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