Bio: The Zombie Member of Team Skeluso, he regularly dies and comes back from the grave when he feels like it. He's the second oldest but is also the mentally insane member of Team Skeluso.
Commentary Style: Exer having the attention span of a goldfish, enjoys competitors finding original ways of using the arena and will often applaud them for this.

Bio: ???
Commentary Style: ???

Bio: The oldest member of Skeluso, if not neccesarily the most mature, Dregan's been spriting far too long and has been online since the beginning of time. Originally devising the tournament and dragging the other two into his concept, Dreg likes nothing more than seeing your innocent characters beat each other up. Oh, and probably of importance to note, lest Spekkal's wrath fall upon him, both he and her are dating. Fancy that.
Commentary Style: Dregan tends to switch between dry sarcasm when bored, and disconcerting glee when any violence is shown in battle. He'll deeply berate combatants for mistakes, probably moreso than they deserve, and will have more than a fair string of complaints up his sleeve for anyone who does anything he finds unapproving. Still, he is a supporter of the underdog, and as such, will probably be biased more towards whoever is at a disadvantage, even if he does spend a lot of time insulting them.


Bio: A quaint, shape-shifting sorceress, Alecia is a certifiable expert on most things arcane and mystical. She's almost always seen as a brown-furred female lurfle, though she claims this isn't her true form. If she even has one, it has yet to be seen. Because of her massive amounts of expertise in many forms of magic, Alecia has developed something of a superiority and control complex, especially when it comes to other magic-wielders. Whenever she's placed in a group she will immedietely attempt to take a head as the "de facto leader." She gets extremely uncomfortable when she isn't in control of a situation, sometimes enough to lose her composure. She'll do whatever she can to obtain or regain her position over top of everyone else.
Fighting Style: Alecia is familliar with several different forms of arcane combat, but prefers to use her enchanted turret pistols most of the time. She's also known to use a sword once in a while, but she lacks as much skill with it as her other weapons.

Bio: A normally gentleman-like evil Chameleon. Unlike most so called rulers, Arcana is a definite strategist, calm, and plays many mind tricks in order to attain his needs. His main weakness is his constant secret want to be more superior than all others around him. Personality-wise, he isn't evil in the sense of the generic moustache villain. He would walk out daily and eat at restaurants that he enjoys, even paying the bill kindly.
Fighting Style: He treats battle like a game of chess, defining moves and thinking ahead. He has learned a mastery of White magic and is an adept swordsman. He has no physical fighting style whatsoever. He is also quite experienced in the line of battle, thanks to his relatively old age (Presently Arcana is 37).

Bio: A renowned pirate that has gained a ferocious reputation for being a hearty fighter, his powers have been his trump card for all of his battles. Ever since the age of five, he has used the powers of the Bomb Bomb devil fruit, which allows him to make anything on, produced or that has been in contact with any part of his body explode. Overall, Hawk (E. Dude) is a very easygoing guy, he loves good company and having fun.
Fighting Style: A natural fighter, HD has been trained to be fearsome and fearless, he doesn't care who you are and what you may or can do, he will fight you to the bitter end. If he ever loses, you must expect a rematch. He mainly uses boxing, however he will improvise in any way possible. As mentioned above, he also incorporates his power to cause explosions into his fighting technique to massive effect.

Additional Sprites
Bio: One of the more light-hearted competitors of the tournament, prefering to have a fun time instead of aiming to win the entire tournament. Thorn is a leader-type character who is reknowned for her legendary hunter skills and quirky fashion sense. Using an full arsenal of weapons and a slew of familiar battle forms, Thorn always aims to have the higher ground above her opponents in combat.
Fighting Style: Thorn battle technique is to read the opponents moves and adapt her battle technique to have the tactical advantage, through combined usage of Weapons and Forms. If base form isn't good enough to win combat. She will Form Change quickly whilst the opponent isn't expecting it. Forcing a distraction to transform if required. More powerful forms require a longer time to form change. Uses Nature-base magic and techniques in attack, defense, cure and buff base techniques. Has an natural weakness to fire. Will bring in items to the battle like Revival Fairies and Terrain modifiers. If you manage to annoy her, expect a Gender-Bender spell to fly your way. And she rarely misses with it. If you lose, she's not going to kill you. Instead she would rather humiliate you for losing.

Bio: Cold and distant, Understar is something of a lone wolf who does not like to interact with other people. While she is a superhero, she is not beneath killing people, finding the legal system flawed and incapable of capturing villains. She is, however, strictly just when it comes to the innocent, and will go out of her way, risking injury and perhaps death to protect those who are in the way of harm. When dealing with opponents, she is strictly business, speaking to them in a very professional manner, almost emotionlessly. She hates making physical contact with anything, and so will always float around, even if doing so would waste energy she needs to do other things.
Fighting Style: Understar has no physical fighting skill whatsoever. She has barely any physical defense or physical strength, so her fighting style revolves around her fighting from a distance using her control of dark energy. Understar is not a traditional user of darkness, as she is not afraid of using its corruptive properties to her advantage. She is also able to use darkness to mimic other elements, like fire and lightning.

Bio: Cloned Hedgehog from the dark energy of one of three Legendary Guardians of Crystaline. Although he doesn't remember who he was cloned from, he remembers the two other guardian. He has never actually fought on his own. He doesn't have many emotions, they were stripped from him when he was created, so he doesn't really show anything, including fear(even though he sorta feels it, but doesn't understand it). He has absolutely no Chaos energy or Elemental energy inside of him(Also can't fly, but can float a bit), but makes up for it with his speed, strength, and his ability to cancel out any energy type attacks, just by touching it or being right next to the person.
Fighting Style: Keep distance and uses M.A.C.(The headset he wears, acts as a scouter and scanner, also always ends sentences with "sir" or "ma'am" and M.A.C. also has five "caps" on Psych's power: 5%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. Psych can release up to the 75% cap. The 100% needs a password which Psych does not know.) to figure out the opponents strategy/weaknesses. Then uses speed and strength to confuse and tire enemies till they fight no longer.

Bio: Having been a lone traveller on the streets for the best part of his life, Leo has had to learn to fight to survive. Whilst no stranger to tournament combat, he still can have slight confidence issues, though he tries not to show it. He can be emotional at times but in battle he has learned over the years to block out any and all distractions, including his feelings. Leo fights for the rush of battle and to hone his skills against more than worthy opponents, and even if he doesn't win, he still feels he's accomplished something. He's also very resilient against fire. It will hurt him a little, but not as much as it would a normal human. He will absorb any heat energy from a fire attack or explosion to use in his next attack, thus making it stronger than normal.
Fighting Style: Leo is a highly strategic fighter and thus will take a short time to observe his opponent's fighting style before adapting his accordingly. He generally tends to fight at long range, giving himself room to maneouvre out of a bad situation should one arise. If cornered he will resort to using hand-to-hand combat - he doesn't believe in using weapons.

Bio: Jake is a very nice guy and will always help those in danger who cant help themselves. Jake is very proud of his strength and thinks of it as his best quality. He loves to get stronger, fight and compete in tournaments but sometimes his violent attitude causes trouble. He can be overconfident at times and he likes to joke around but sometimes he can really buckle down and get serious if the situation calls for it. Jake was raised by a tribe of wolves called the Raul clan. They are all about fighting and getting stronger so he was told that he was born to fight and be strong. Jake doesn't care about their traditions or the fact that he was supposed to be pack leader. He just likes to have fun and enjoy life while still getting stronger to reach his life goal of becoming the strongest fighter in the whole world. Jake has a thing for rabbits because of their long ears. He loves a challenge and doing dangerous stunts.
Fighting Style: Jake has lots of experience with fighting. He uses no official fighting style other than just using techniques he's learned over the years. His actual best quality is his amazing endurance ability. He is an expert at taking pain and injuries. Giving up is not an option no matter how much pain he's feeling. Unless he is about to die or is barely able to move. He has super strength and has been training his muscles all his life. Jake's small body allows him to mix his strength with speed but he is no speedster and he hates fighting them. he will usually try to beat his opponent unconscious but if that fails he can still try to disable them somehow. When he can't get close to an enemy he resorts to throwing large objects at them. Jake can absorb chaos energy and anger into energy for himself. Though absorbing anger makes him get mad so he tries not to absorb too much or else he might do something he'll regret.

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